Are you fond of drawing? Have you ever drawn something that has a message? Yes… I have a perfect career option for you. A field where you need both your creativity and your drawing skills. The world of Graphics Designer. Interested? Want to know more? I am giving a brief description of the work of a Graphic designer.

A trained person who can create designs either on paper or on a computer is a Graphics Designer. This drawing has a message within it and should attract its viewers. The work of a graphics designer is to mix art and technology. The designs should be meaningful. The designs are mainly known as Graphics design, acts as a visual communicator. Sometimes it is not possible to communicate verbally. In such a case, graphics designs as act as a medium that conveys a message that should be clear and effective. Today we use graphics design each and everywhere. From Business logos to newsletter. Posters to brochures are the work of a graphics designer which has unknowingly become a part of our life.Latest Technology

Graphics design is about the design which makes a first impression on the viewer. The picture present on the upper cover of a product tells us how the product could be. As stated earlier it a design with a purpose and involves much systematic as well as creative plans with the use of symbols, images or sometimes with words. With a number of tools and elements, a designer tries to bring a visual impression which attracts buyers or viewers.

Two types of design techniques are used in a graphic design – one is the image based design that includes logos, illustration, symbols and photos. Graphics designs are based on two types of designs techniques. First on the list is the image based which may include logos, illustration, symbols and photos. The second one is the types based or it can be a combined technique. Some of the tools used by a graphic designer are sketchpads, computers, and software like Photoshop and Illustrator. These toolkits help the designer to design their creativity. Furthermore, these designs needs various elements such as lines (there are limitless lines), colour (a vital element of any kind of designs), Shapes (which is used to fill spaces), texture (adds a sense of depth) and the most important is the type of work (transforms text to work art), to put their work efficiently on computer or paper.

Though the Graphic design is not a very hard, it is not easy as well. The Graphic Designer needs a lot of training that help to put their creativity in the paper or computer.